Turning hearing aids into universal wireless headphones

Hearing aid wearers have a right to enjoy streaming their favourite music, videos, podcasts, or audiobooks into their ears in premium stereo quality. But until now this experience has been hampered by having to use certain types of smartphones due to compatibility restrictions.

The new StreamLine Mic, available early this year, offers a universal streaming experience from any Bluetooth device – smartphone, PC or laptop. It turns your Signia Nx hearing aids with Bluetooth connectivity into state-of-the-art headphones for the ultimate stereo listening experience.

StreamLine Mic will offer the ideal solution for everyone who enjoys streaming music, audiobooks and more, directly into their hearing aids from any type of smartphone or laptop. And as examined in our previous blogpost, it works as a universal wireless headset for smartphone and Internet calls as well (please click here to read the first article).

In our third and final preview, we will take a closer look at how StreamLine Mic helps to provide premium hearing quality in challenging situations with its remote microphone function.