Fully flexible and nearly invisible in the ear

Insio hearing aids from Signia give you the greatest flexibility to suit your personal needs.

The latest innovations to Insio in-the-ear hearing aids from Signia help to make your life with hearing loss as stress-free as possible. The smaller-than-ever hearing aids for superior comprehension in difficult listening situations now feature exchangeable battery doors with optional push button. Only Insio hearing aids can use the battery door itself as a push button, resulting in an aesthetically more pleasing design.

Changing programs, volume and more with the integrated push button is even easier than with conventional push buttons thanks to its easy-to-handle design. And if you change your mind about having the battery door double-up as a push button, your Hearing Care Professional can exchange the door there and then without long wait times or costly rebuilds. So the days of having to compromise between size and functionality are over – with Insio you can have it all!

All-round protection for peace of mind

In addition to the exchangeable battery door, Insio also features an exchangeable microphone protection to guard against ear wax clogging up the hearing aids. Again, your Hearing Care Professional can exchange these in a matter of minutes so you no longer have to wait days for your hearing aids to be fixed.

In combination with the state-of-the-art filter for the receiver outlet that comes as standard with all Insio hearing aids, Signia offers the premium all-round protection to give you a new peace of mind, knowing that ear wax is no longer the big issue it used to be.

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