Signia hearing aids let you hear phone calls and music in both ears

More and more hearing aid wearers are taking advantage of the latest Bluetooth technology to stream phone calls, music and more into their hearing aids. Yet not all hearing aids provide the same level of streaming convenience. Scientific research proves that hearing phone calls in both ears enables you to hear your conversation partner better while also allowing you to hear precisely what’s going on around you.

Unlike some other hearing aids equipped with Bluetooth, new Signia hearing aids like the wirelessly rechargeable Pure Charge&Go enable you to stream phone calls, music and other audio signals from your smartphone into both ears.

The case for streaming to both ears

Research has shown that your awareness of the acoustic environment is not sacrificed when streaming phone calls to both ears. Signia hearing aids allow your hearing care professional to fine-tune them so that the microphone signal is mixed with the streamed phone signal at the optimal level for the most natural hearing experience.

In fact, hearing both the phone call and sounds from your environment in both ears is far preferable to hearing them simultaneously in separate ears, as this reduces your brain’s ability to determine from where a sound in your environment is coming.

If you are interested in learning more about the natural hearing experience with Signia hearing aids, you can find a hearing care professional near you with our quick and easy store locator: https://www.signia-hearing.com/store-locator/