How to treat tinnitus with Signia hearing aids: Part 2


Imagine this: Silent tinnitus treatment. Notch Therapy is making it a reality for some patients.

The treatment offers the potential to eliminate tonal tinnitus, and Signia hearing aids are the first in the world to incorporate the approach into its technology.

In the second article of this two-part series, we explore Notch Therapy and its innovative approach to treating tinnitus.

What is Notch Therapy?

Hearing care professionals no longer see tinnitus as an ear disease, but rather a neurological disorder. This shift has led to revolutionary developments in the field.

Notch Therapy is one of the results of this transformation. Instead of taking an audible approach to treatment by distracting a hearing aid wearer with white noise or ocean waves, it aims to suppress the hyperactive nature of the parts of the brain associated with tinnitus.

The strategy incorporates sound amplification to combat hearing loss just like most tinnitus therapies, but the hearing aid also works silently in the background to train the brain to no longer hear the tonal noises like ringing or buzzing.

Signia hearing aids and Notch Therapy

Notch Therapy is best used in tandem with well-respected tinnitus therapies, like Tinnitus Activities Treatment (TAT) or Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT).

The goal is to submerge the tonal tinnitus sound in the sea of noise of your current environment, to the point where your brain no longer subconsciously locks onto it. This greatly reduces stress commonly attached to the frustrations of dealing with tinnitus.

Early studies of the effectiveness of Notch Therapy resulted in some patients seeing improvements in their condition after just three weeks, according to a study conducted by L. Powers and G.M. dos Santos.

Finding the right treatment for your tinnitus

Signia hearing aids help those who suffer from tinnitus and hearing loss to treat both conditions at the same time.

With each hearing aid’s frequency being customizable, the white noise, ocean sounds and Notch Therapy can be adjusted to match the unique needs of individual therapy strategies, as well as providing better sound quality at the same time.

It’s time to enhance your tinnitus treatment. Contact a Signia hearing care professional today to learn more.