How to handle StreamLine Mic

StreamLine Mic connects your new Signia hearing aids to any Bluetooth device – smartphone, desktop or laptop computer. Handling is easy and explained in a new video playlist.

Our new StreamLine Mic enables hands-free phone calls and audio streaming from any Bluetooth device in premium stereo quality. It also functions as a remote microphone to help you in challenging hearing situations, such as crowded meetings.

A new video playlist shows you how easily this powerful new accessory enhances  your new Signia hearing aids to serve as a hands-free mobile headset and wireless headphones made for all smartphones and computers with Bluetooth.

The playlist covers how to pair Signia StreamLine Mic with your hearing aids and your smartphone, how to stream audio and make hands-free calls, and how to use the remote microphone mode.

It also shows you how to use Signia StreamLine Mic in combination with Signia StreamLine TV so you can effortlessly answer any calls on your smartphone while you are streaming audio from your TV.

See how easy it is to use your new Signia hearing aids as hands-free mobile headset and wireless stereo headphones with any Bluetooth device, and with a remote microphone: