This Father’s Day, give your dad a special gift

From teaching you to ride a bike to offering useful financial advice and support, chances are our fathers shaped who we are today in many important ways.

Every year, we try to find a thoughtful and useful gift that shows how much we appreciate our dads even when the amount of time we spend together can be limited by our careers and our own families. That makes the time we do get to spend with our fathers and grandfathers even more special.

This Father’s Day might be the ideal time to give your dad a special gift that enhances your moments together and increases his enjoyment of life.

As we get older, the chance that we need support for some degree of hearing loss gets greater. If your father has untreated hearing loss, he may not talk or socialize as much as he did before. Symptoms of hearing loss also include frequently asking others to repeat themselves, speaking more slowly, or raising your voice; turning up the sound of the radio or television when others aren’t having difficulty hearing; and being exhausted after social gatherings due to the strain of trying to keep up with conversations.

A hearing test is the first step to better hearing

People are much more likely to take a hearing test if they know that their hearing loss is affecting others. So it’s important to find time for a quiet one-on-one conversation with your father about his hearing loss. You can let him know how much you miss seeing him fully enjoy family gatherings and talk about the increased quality of life that comes from identifying and treating hearing loss.

Hearing tests can be conducted by a trained hearing care professional in a variety of settings, including hospitals, ENT doctor’s offices, and private practices. Your father can also try our quick and easy online hearing test as a first indication whether his ears are working normally.

Time for an upgrade if your father wears hearing aids?

Depending on how long ago your dad started wearing hearing aids, they might need an update this Father’s Day. Hearing aids have evolved dramatically in recent years with advances such as Bluetooth connections to phones, TVs and music players, advanced tinnitus therapies and clearer sound in all acoustic environments.

The new Pure Charge&Go from Signia, for example, combines convenient rechargeability with audio streaming from all Bluetooth devices and the most natural hearing experience.

Dads are not always known for coming forward and sharing their needs. To find out if new hearing aids would be helpful, ask your father if any aspects of his current hearing aids bother him. For example, does he struggle hearing over the phone or holding conversations with multiple people? Does changing batteries annoy him? If so, it could be a good time to schedule an appointment with a hearing care professional who can introduce your father to the latest hearing solutions to help improve his quality of life.

If you need help finding a hearing care professional in your area, simply use our convenient store finder.