Enjoy the Football World Cup with Signia StreamLine TV

The 2018 World Cup is in full swing, and we want to make sure you can hear all the play-by-play action. Signia wants to help you have the best experience possible with StreamLine TV and the MyControl app.

As your favorite international sports events and other TV programs go on the air, Signia wants to help you have the best experience possible. While we can’t help you make popcorn or move couches, there are other ways to ensure a good time. With Signia StreamLine TV, those with hearing loss can enjoy television programs without the complications of background noise. No more wires, no more clunky subtitles, and no more hassle.

The 2018 World Cup currently serving us several matches every day, and we want to make sure you can hear all the play-by-play action. Using Bluetooth technology, our latest hearing aids sync up wirelessly with the console. This means you can get up, walk around, and move freely while still staying tuned-in to the program. Feel free to grab an extra drink, check the fridge, and even make food while still enjoying a live feed.

Football season isn’t just a time for sports. Gather your friends and family for a good time, and don’t miss a single moment of the big game. You can listen to the announcers without white noise and interference, with no need for subtitles and bothersome wires. Your hearing loss shouldn’t keep you from enjoying what you love, and Signia hearing aids are designed to help you do just that.

How StreamLine TV works

StreamLine TV works by utilizing a console, your television, and your hearing aids. Once you’ve connected the console to your television, you can begin syncing the aids to the system. Our video tutorial makes this easy, showing you every step of the process. Once connected, you can use the app to begin streaming. Almost every aspect of your experience can be toggled using the settings, so you can enjoy a volume and quality that suits you.

Signia hearing aids don’t just sync up with your television. Our hearing aids can connect seamlessly to Apple iPhone systems, allowing for easy listening. Like with StreamLine TV, the MyControl app helps you start streaming, toggle the volume, and adjust settings. This app works with both your iPhone and your StreamLine TV console to make sure you’re getting a quality signal, no matter what you’re doing. Whether you’re enjoying a podcast, TV show, or music, our hearing aids can keep you connected. Bluetooth is the ideal wireless option for hearing aids, so don’t get tangled in wires!

No hassle with wires anymore!

Wires can get caught, tug uncomfortably on your ears, and become damaged. Wireless systems are simpler, and limit the number of things that can go wrong. It’s easy to troubleshoot these wireless systems, so don’t stress yourself out with wire replacements and cord repairs. Hearing aids made for iPhone can help you connect all aspects of your life, from your phone to your listening devices. StreamLine TV connects you further, making it easy for you to enjoy your favorite programs without hassle.

Make life sound brilliant, and don’t hesitate to invest in Signia systems. Our hearing aids have never been better, and your television audio has never been clearer. Don’t settle for sub-par connections and audio quality; StreamLine TV and the MyControl App can significantly improve your listening experience. Our hearing aids and consoles are specially tailored to work with Bluetooth and Apple systems, making it easy for you to enjoy every game from the World Cup to the fullest.