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How Your Ears Work, and What Happens When They Don't

Many people with the ability to hear take their ears for granted. We don't think about how they work, or what we'll do when they stop working. This year’s World Hearing Day (March 3), learn more about your ears, how to prevent damage, and what to do if you begin suffering from hearing loss.

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Should I Have My Hearing Aids Professionally Cleaned?

When we use things every day, they get dirty rather quickly. Our clothes need to be washed frequently, and many of us regularly wipe down our phones and keyboards to avoid grime buildup. Do hearing aids require the same attention, and should they be professionally cleaned?

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7 Valuable Benefits of Going Rechargeable

Many of the devices we use every day operate using rechargeable batteries. Why should hearing aids be any different? If you're not sold on rechargeable hearing aid batteries yet, here's seven benefits of making the switch.

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Dating with Hearing Loss

Many people with hearing loss feel embarrassed or frustrated when it comes to romance and dating, but it doesn't have to be this way. Continue reading for some tips on how to enter the dating scene confidently.

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