The Connected Ear.

The new Pure 13 BT hearing aids.
World-class hearing with direct
connectivity to iPhone and TV.

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myHearing App.

Personal care, anywhere.

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Tune out tinnitus

Unique therapies for lasting relief.

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Hear the colors of sound.

Signia is about hearing the world around you.
Effortlessly. Every day.

Redefining the ease of listening.

Our new Signia hearing aids significantly reduce hearing effort throughout the day for hearing impaired people by highlighting speech in a wide variety of listening situations. The new dedicated music programs take music enjoyment to a whole new level, and will satisfy even professional musicians.

myHearing App
Hearing success made simple.

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Pure 13 BT.

World-class hearing with direct connectivity to iPhone and TV.


Inductive charging.

Cellion is the world’s first hearing aid that combines lithium-ion technology with inductive charging.


Find a Hearing Care Professional

Find a dispenser in your local area.


How to manufacture a hearing aid.

We design and build our hearing aids with care combining their knowledge with the latest innovations in automated sound processing technology.

Latest News

Heading for the festival season?

Pack your earplugs next time you head out for a concert or when going to a bar. The use of earplugs during exposure to recreational noise effectively prevents temporary hearing loss.

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Experience the best remote hearing care

The Signia myHearing App is now even more powerful in providing you with all the support tools you and your hearing care professional need to guide you through a successful period of getting used to new hearing aids.

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